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I like thinking of life like climbing a mountain. Sometimes (especially in our youth or when things get particularly tough) it feels like a hopeless journey without end; all I can do is just try to survive among barren rocks, in stormy weather, with no sign of life. Other times, I follow a clear, sunny path, leading through lush meadows with breathtaking views, feeling connected and belonging.

We all have our mountains. And because of our different origins, we are differently equipped for the expedition called life. One of the most important things in climbing is a pair of good shoes. We receive our first pair from our parents. Great, if we get a strong solid pair which will help us to climb over obstacles. Much more difficult if we have to walk in flip-flops, high heels or barefoot...Even the best shoes become too small with time, and we will need to make a new pair for ourselves.

If you are going through a difficult time or maybe working on a new pair of shoes, counselling may provide you with support through this process.

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